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Archives for Meditation and Meditation Research

The former printed Journal has been replaced by an online-archive…

In 2001 the SMMR founded the Journal for Meditation and Meditation Research. However, the publication of this Journal has ceased after the third volume due the low amount of submissions. The articles of the former Journal are now avalible trough the Journal for Meditation and Meditation Research.

Die AMMR-Periodical is continued here::


Einleitung zu Yogis im Labor (pdf)
Swami Veda Bharati: Yogis im Labor” Engl. Titel: „Yogi in the Lab“, 2. Aufl.nm (pdf)

Jacqueline Dawson: Predictive Ability of Personal Factors and Personality Type
on Meditative Depth (Dawson Dissertation)


Fehr: Effects of Meditation and Psychotherapy on psychosomatic symptoms, depression, and subjective stress – antagonistic or complementary approaches? (pdf )