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How can I find the meditation technique that is right for me?

When thinking about starting a meditation practice, it is best to get some information about what types are available and being practiced near you. A good way to get this information is by attending talks or introductory classes, as well as talking to practitioners and teachers associated with the various traditions.  This will provide you with a good idea about which type of meditation seems to match you the best.Furthermore, getting information through books and literature can be helpful. However, the many pros and cons regarding different traditions, the sometimes insufficient understanding of meditation by the authors, and the sheer volume of material available can sometimes lead to a sense of confusion and frustration. To date, science is not yet in the position to help you make this decision. The factors that influence the “goodness of fit” between a person and a particular meditation technique have not been sufficiently investigated.  It is actually unclear whether or not such predictions are even possible by scientific means. For meditation practitioners, it is not recommended to combine techniques from different traditions without competent guidance. Rather, after careful consideration one should make a commitment to a certain technique and stay with it for some time, even though difficulties will invariably arise. A sincere practice involves discipline, self education and steadiness in times of difficult experiences. For progressing on the meditative path, one should be aware of the importance of personal support and guidance by an experienced meditation teacher.