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Journal for Meditation and Meditation Research

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JMMR 2001

Editors: K. Engel, Th. Hohn, H. Piron, H. Walach

  • Buchheld et al: Measuring Mindfulness in Insight Meditation (Vipassana) and Meditation-Based Psychotherapy: The Development of the Freiburg Mindfulness Inventory (FMI) ( PDF )
  • Engel: Meditative Experience and Different Paths: DataBased Analyses ( PDF )
  • Ott: The EEG and the Depth of Meditation ( PDF )
  • Piron: The Meditation Depth Index (MEDI) and the Meditation Depth Questionnaire (MEDEQ) ( PDF )
  • Summeries of the Conference in Heidelberg 2001 ( PDF )

JMMR 2002

Editor: K. Engel; Associate Editors: Th. Hohn, H. Piron, H. Walach

  • Altner: Mindfulness Practice and Smoking Cessation: The Essen Hospital Smoking Cessation Study (EASY)
  • Stück et al.: Children’s relaxation Training Program UsingElements of Yoga and Imagery: Practical Application andFirst Evaluation of a Curriculum
  • Küstner: Effectiveness of a meditative method of therapy based on Buddhist psychology and practices: a pilot study (PDF )
  • Fehr: The role of simplicity (effortlessness) as a prerequisite for the experience of Pure Consciousness – the non-dualstate of Oneness: “Turiya”, “Samadhi” in Meditation ( PDF )
  • Summeries of the Conference in Bochum 2002
  • Engel: Yoga Inventory and Zen Development Questionnaire

JMMR 2003

Editor: K. Engel; Associate Editors: W. Belschner, Th. Hohn, U. Ott, H. Piron, H. Walach

  • Hohn: Christian Meditation paths? – Development of a questionnaire for Christian contemplation based on descriptions of Master Eckhart and Teresa of Avila ( PDF )
  • Ott: The Role of Absorption for the Study of Yoga
  • Suzanne Augenstein: Yoga for Children in Primary School – An Empirical Study
  • Piron: Meditation Depth, Mental Health, and PersonalDevelopment ( PDF )
  • Stück et al.: Evaluation of a Yoga-based stress managementtraining for teachers: Effects on Immunoglobulin A secretion and subjective relaxation ( PDF )
  • Shapiro et al.: An Analysis of Recent Meditation Researchand Suggestions for Future Directions ( PDF )
  • Summeries of the Conference in Cologne 2004 ( PDF )